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Community Verhaltensregeln

platinus Community Code of Conduct



Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that explains how our community behaves and what we value to members and outsiders. The Code of Conduct is a living document and will be updated when and if it is deemed necessary.

The Code of Conduct is not “code” in the sense of being an algorithm or a computer program. The Code of Conduct is not “blindly and algorithmically” executed but is instead enforced by humans making real decisions based on all of the available information and using all available context. The Code of Conduct does not seek to restrict speech or penalize non-native speakers of English. Instead the Code of Conduct spells out the kinds of behaviors we, as a community, find to be acceptable or unacceptable.


Wir finden die Verhaltenregeln der Ubuntu-Community für gut referenzieren auf diese.

  1. Ubuntu Code of Conduct v2.0